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Sunday, August 5, 2018

PSG - Neymar Asks to Leave After His First Training Under Tuchel

Neymar made the official request to leave the PSG after having made his first training under the orders of the severe German technician Thomas Tuchel.

Neymar Asks to Leave After His First Training Under Tuchel

PSG will live the next few days very difficult ... Currently in China as part of the Champions Trophy, a match scheduled Saturday against AS Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain players had the honour to see Neymar join them. Thursday, the Brazilian star has even participated in the training of the group, his first since his injury to OM at the end of last February.

And he fell in the clouds before the content of the session led by the new Parisian coach, the German Thomas Tuchel. For him, it is impossible for him to continue in his conditions:
"It's way too hard, football is the game, it's joga bonito. With Tuchel, we did not touch the ball, we just ran, ran. After that, we ran. I arrived a little late, waiting for the guys they ran ... And finally, all together, we ran. It seems to me that in the middle of all that, we ran ... "

Neymar asks to leave ... unless Tuchel leaves

According to our information, Neymar would not have waited very long to make up his discontent. In the locker room, just after training, the Brazilian striker reportedly called President Nasser al-Khelaifi by Facetime. Adrien, one of the players present in the locker room but who prefers to remain anonymous, tells us:
"He sat down, panting like never before. He spoke in his beard in Portuguese, I did not understand but it was on his face that he was not happy. He took out his phone, so-called the president. There, in Spanish, I understood what he said, because I did LV2 Spanish in college: he said that the president had to make a choice between him and the coach, it was too much not to do such sessions, that football is joga bonito and not couriro bocoutro. "
Also according to Adrien, Thomas Tuchel pretended to read the newspaper to better hear the discussion between Neymar and its president:
"The coach he had The Team in his hands, he pretended to read, he pretended not to hear, but I know he heard. One, because it captures that slab to French. Of two, the two holes he had made in the newspaper to watch Neymar, it was not super discreet. Finally, the newspaper was upside down ... Anyway, suddenly tomorrow I'm sure he'll do a session even more physical ... Pfff, if that's it, I'm going! "

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